Amadahy Breaks Weakling: Clear HD Knckouts

Goddess Amadahy, the 20-year-old pro domme with long swimmer’s legs, movie star face and centerfold body was born to scissor, and born to break weak little men. Here, the sensation locks the tiny wrestling rookie in sleeper/bodyscissor combos, applies snapping straight headscissors that nearly crack his neck as she laughs, a grapevine, schoolgirl pin and, wearing Daisy Dukes, some of the deepest, cruelest reverse headscissors ever. Goddess Amadahy taunts the guy, who couldn’t have picked a more dominating first opponent, asking if he’s out — only after he is asleep for too long in her perfect ass. He cries in pain, is choked in devastating sleeper holds and headscissors that make his breathing sound like a cheap vacuum that just sucked up a strip of carpet. She threatens him, makes him tell her she’s stronger, and of his pencil neck says "I feel like I could snap it at any moment." She knows it and so does he. He knows part of her wants to hear it snap. Fear like no other hits is face as he stares into her perfect eyes and hears her tell him she’s not letting him tap out and he is going to sleep. Time:18:30

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