Fuck Your Broken Rib: Clear HD

On her way to dragging Charles to the wrestling ring, Mikaela finds a "mistress chair" and re-directs the big guy beneath her feet, kicking him in the face with her new black sneakers and forcing him to tell the camera the things he texts her. She cinches her massive thighs around his neck in a straight headscissors trying to prove she’s the master of the hold and scores a knckout. She fits in time to pull 125 lb Strung apart. The muscular beauty yanks back on a boston crab, a bow and arrow, violent armbars and more. Outclassed, he’s almost done in Mik’s infamous throatscissors and is finished off in a breathtaking reverse headscissors. Charles is then pulled over to a standing rack device, to which she straps his wrists and ankles then cranks him up until his underarm skin is pulling. He’s in pain even before the 24-year-old stunner starts punching him in his hurt ribs like he’s a side of beef. She delivers devastating side kicks that make him scream, beats him and chokes him with huge pvc pipe and has to be stopped before it’s over for Charles. But she’s back at him, driving and twisting the big piece into his flesh as he cries and slamming it into his healing rib. Mikaela needs to hurt people right now and Strung and Charles filled that need on this painful day. Time: 14:22

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