Knckouts in Yoga Pants! Clear HD

Rob was in the wrong place and time when Sneaker Guy wrote Wednesday asking for a pure headscissor clip with one of our girls wearing sneakers. Our four-year college tumbler and ultra-fit girl Loren was hanging out on her way to yoga, wearing skin tight purple pants that reveal every rip in her athlete legs. With more than 17 straight minutes of headscissors of almost every kind, including an eye-popping leg sleeper hold and a especially unforgiving straight headscissors with her tennis shoes locked like a bolt. One knockout comes in a violent one-leg crank. He screams, she pours on the pressure. Suddenly it’s a no tapping match, and Rob who can take so much is literally screaming and whaling for her to release straight headscissors that show her clenching her perfect glutes at full power. As she wont stop, he is crying out begging her, then goes silent. "It got quiet," the girl in pig tails says. "There’s not so much blubbering." A violent and unplanned filled request for Sneaker Guy leaves Rob unable to swallow without pain as the ripped blonde, who every day works her legs on a bike, in the surf, running or recklessly squeezing heads, grows meaner by the minute. Time: 17:34

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