Sunshine Won’t Release Sleepers: Four Clear HD Knckouts!

Sunshine is earning a reputation as one of the cruelest girls at using the dangerous sleeper hold to not only beat her opponents but endanger them. Here, she snaps her python arms around Pain Taker’s neck and refuses to release him despite him going purple and tapping furiously. For a break, she puts him in humiliating adductor squeezes, then a straight headscissors where she says "My legs look amazing!" Pain Taker didn’t get to see much of them as he’s put to sleep then subjected to standing headscissors and surfboards from the girl just back from the beach. He’s finished in a brutal sleeper knockout and Pain Taker can’t take it anymore, and what Sunshine does to his fill in is more brutal, yoking him up and ignoring begging, pleading and tapping to keep her sleeper on full power and Rob twice cold, once with his body twisted beneath him. Time: 15:14

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